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Exhibition: On View See Saw Seen: 2024 UIC MFA Thesis ShowMar 26—Apr 20, 2024

Le Hien Minh, Invisible Dragon,

Exhibition: Upcoming The Mask of ProsperityMay 10—Aug 02, 2024

Exhibition: Upcoming Learning Together: Art Education and CommunitySep 06—Dec 14, 2024

Jan 12—Mar 16, 2024Contemporary Ex-Votos: Devotion Beyond Medium

Sep 08—Dec 16, 2023Earthly Visions: Inside the Climate Crisis

May 19—Aug 05, 2023Gravity Pleasure Switchback

Apr 11—Apr 22, 2023CTRL + histories 2023 UIC MFA Thesis show 2

Mar 28—Apr 08, 2023a series of encounters: 2023 UIC MFA Thesis Show 1

Jan 13—Mar 18, 2023Reckless Rolodex

Sep 09—Dec 17, 2022For Each Other

May 27—Aug 06, 2022Chronicle of a Fall: Nadav Assor & Tirtza Even

May 27—Aug 06, 2022A Species of Theft

Apr 13—Apr 22, 20222022 MFA Thesis Show: Ouroboros

Mar 29—Apr 08, 20222022 MFA Thesis Show: Fade into Me: Identity and Abstraction

Feb 18—Jul 02, 2022Through My Lens: Justin Cooper

Jan 14—Mar 19, 2022Crip*

Sep 02—Dec 11, 2021Young, Gifted and Black : The Lumpkin-Boccuzzi Family Collection of Contemporary Art

Apr 30—May 22, 20212020 MFA Thesis Show: ​This World Should Be More Wonderful

Apr 16—Apr 23, 20212021 MFA Thesis Show Two: ​Ordinary Horrors

Apr 02—Apr 09, 20212021 MFA Thesis Show One: ​Sidelong Glances

Feb 05—Mar 26, 2021Lise Haller Baggesen: Museums of Future Past Times Present: Hatorade Retrograde The Musical

Nov 23—Dec 13, 2020Portal: online screenings | Sara Ludy

Nov 02—Nov 22, 2020Portal: online screenings | Shelly Bahl

Oct 12—Oct 26, 2020Portal: online screenings | Natalie Bookchin

Sep 28—Oct 11, 2020Portal: online screenings | Dread Scott

Sep 14—Sep 28, 2020Portal: online screenings | Guy Ben Ner

Sep 14, 2020—May 15, 2021And you hold power

Aug 24—Sep 14, 2020Portal: online screenings | Bani Abidi

Aug 10—Aug 24, 2020Portal: online screenings | Yoshua Okón

Jul 27—Aug 10, 2020Portal: online screenings | Alejandro Cesarco

Jul 13—Jul 27, 2020Portal: online screenings | Karina Skvirsky

Jun 29—Jul 12, 2020Portal: online screenings | James T. Green

Jun 15—Jun 28, 2020Portal: online screenings | Zakkiyyah Najeebah

May 25—Jun 08, 2020Portal: online screenings | Fawzia Mirza

May 11—May 24, 2020Portal: online screenings | Rami George

Apr 27—May 10, 2020Portal: online screenings | Maria Gaspar

Jan 17—Mar 07, 2020Turn the Light

Aug 27—Nov 23, 2019Adela Goldbard, The Last Judgment | El Juicio Final

Apr 26—Jul 20, 2019Alberto Aguilar, moves on human scale

Apr 06—Apr 13, 2019A Nameless Familiar, MFA Thesis Exhibition

Mar 22—Mar 30, 2019Now & There, MFA Thesis Exhibition

Jan 18—Mar 09, 2019All have the same breath

Nov 01—Dec 15, 2018Chicago New Media 1973–1992

Sep 14—Oct 20, 2018Chicago Disability Activism, Arts, and Design: 1970s to Today

Apr 27—Aug 05, 2018Out of Easy Reach

Apr 23—Aug 25, 2018Garden for a Changing Climate

Jan 19—Mar 03, 2018Félix Candela’s Concrete Shells: An Engineered Architecture for Mexico

Nov 03—Dec 16, 2017Traduttore, Traditore

Sep 08—Oct 21, 2017Let Me Be an Object That Screams

Jun 23—Aug 05, 2017Black Light

Jun 23—Aug 05, 2017Make Room

Apr 20—Jun 10, 2017The Earth Will Not Abide

Apr 04—Apr 08, 2017Ghost Pattern Waves: 2017 MFA Thesis Exhibition 3

Mar 28, 2017—Apr 15, 2024Favorite Spring Candles: 2017 MFA Thesis Exhibition 2

Mar 14, 2017—Apr 15, 2024Adaptations for the Understudy: 2017 MFA Thesis Exhibition 1

Jan 13—Mar 04, 2017Embodiment Abstracted: The Influence of Yvonne Rainer

Aug 10—Aug 27, 2016Back to the Future: Visualizing the Arts at UIC

Jun 24—Jul 30, 2016Precarity: Contingency in Artmaking and Academia

Apr 27—Jun 11, 2016our duty to fight

Apr 12—Apr 16, 2016A cavern. In the middle, a boiling cauldron: 2016 MFA Thesis Exhibition 3

Apr 05—Apr 09, 2016The Crystalline Regime: 2016 MFA Thesis Exhibition 2

Mar 29—Apr 02, 2016Hyphen Makings: 2016 MFA Thesis Exhibition 1

Jan 15—Mar 12, 2016Few Were Happy with Their Condition

Sep 11—Dec 12, 2015Making Chances: an exhibition in the citywide program Platforms: 10 Years of Chances/Dances

May 08—Aug 08, 2015After Today

Apr 14—Apr 18, 2015Shadowboxing the Axis: 2015 MFA Thesis Exhibition 3

Apr 07—Apr 11, 2015The Uncanny Valley: 2015 MFA Thesis Exhibition 2

Mar 31—Apr 04, 2015Gush: 2015 MFA Thesis Exhibition 1

Jan 16—Mar 14, 2015Visibility Machines: Harun Farocki and Trevor Paglen

Oct 31—Dec 13, 2014Here, There, Everywhere

Sep 05—Oct 18, 2014Universal Declaration of Infantile Anxiety Situations Reflected in the Creative Impulse

Jun 27—Aug 09, 2014Nice Work If You Can Get It

May 02—Jun 14, 2014Encounters at the Edge of the Forest

Apr 15—Apr 19, 2014This Is Where It Felt Like: 2014 MFA Thesis Exhibition 5

Apr 08—Apr 12, 2014That’s the First Place They’ll Look: 2014 MFA Thesis Exhibition 4

Apr 01—Apr 05, 2014Midway: 2014 MFA Thesis Exhibition 3

Mar 18—Mar 22, 2014Yell Me About Myself: 2014 MFA Thesis Exhibition 2

Mar 11—Mar 15, 2014Beneath the Paving Stones, the Beach: 2014 MFA Thesis Exhibition 1

Jan 17—Mar 01, 2014Ghost Nature

Nov 01—Dec 14, 2013It ’s the Political Economy, Stupid

Sep 06—Oct 19, 2013The Program

Jul 12—Aug 24, 2013Whisper Down the Lane


Apr 16—Apr 20, 2013Departure: 2013 MFA Thesis Exhibition 4

Apr 09—Apr 13, 2013A Spectre Is Haunting: 2013 MFA Thesis Exhibition 3

Apr 02—Apr 06, 2013A strange house in my voice.: 2013 MFA Thesis Exhibition 2

Mar 19—Mar 23, 2013Body Doubles: 2013 MFA Thesis Exhibition 1

Jan 18—Mar 09, 2013Observer Effect

Nov 02—Dec 15, 2012Radiate: Art of the South Asian Diaspora

Aug 31—Oct 20, 2012Endless Set #1399

Jun 29—Aug 11, 2012The Dragon Is the Frame

Apr 27—Jun 09, 2012Spectral Landscape (with Viewing Stations)

Apr 10—Apr 14, 2012I Accidentally Turned Off the Sun: 2012 MFA Thesis Exhibition 4

Apr 03—Apr 07, 2012On Beyond Zebra: 2012 MFA Thesis Exhibition 3

Mar 27—Mar 31, 2012Torch Song: 2012 MFA Thesis Exhibition 2

Mar 14—Mar 17, 2012Look at Me: 2012 MFA Thesis Exhibition 1

Jan 20—Mar 03, 2012Global Cities, Model Worlds

Jan 20—Mar 03, 2012The World Finder

Jan 20—Mar 03, 2012Beijing Taxi and Bontoc Eulogy

Nov 04—Dec 17, 2011Archival Impulse

Sep 09—Oct 22, 2011Intimacies

Jun 17—Jul 30, 2011File Type

Apr 05—Apr 30, 20112011 MFA Thesis Show

Jan 18—Mar 12, 2011Ambiguity Is My Weapon

Jan 18—Mar 12, 2011Bless This Mess

Nov 02—Dec 18, 2010The Tiny Ventriloquist

Sep 07—Oct 23, 2010Particulate Matter (Things, Thingys, Thingies)

Sep 07—Oct 23, 2010The Plastic Arts

Apr 27—Jun 12, 2010What Manner of Person Art Thou?

Apr 27—Jun 12, 2010John’s Luv

Apr 27—Jun 12, 2010Designing Egos

Jan 26—Mar 06, 2010The Free Store

Jan 26—Mar 06, 2010Art Work: A National Conversation About Art, Labor, and Economics

Dec 08, 2009—Jan 16, 2010On Sundrun

Oct 13—Nov 21, 2009Gnathonemus Petersii

Aug 25—Nov 21, 2009Reflection: a video program

Aug 25—Nov 01, 2009HALFULL

Aug 25—Oct 03, 2009Project #12

Apr 30—May 02, 2009Our Literal Speed

Feb 03—Mar 07, 2009Paper Trail

Dec 09, 2008—Jan 24, 2009This Shadow is a Bit of Ideology

Oct 14—Nov 22, 2008Biological Agents

Aug 26—Oct 04, 2008Chances Are the Comets in Our Future: A Visual Introduction to Drag City

Jun 17—Jun 28, 2008Focus Pull: Onion City Off Screen

Jun 02—Jul 14, 2008Relation-Chute

May 05—May 22, 2008Knock Off Enterprises: The Labor Behind the Label

Apr 22—May 31, 2008Thread

Jan 29—Mar 06, 2008Black Iron Vatican

Nov 27, 2007—Jan 19, 2008The Inauguration of the Consulate General for the Kingdoms of Elgaland-Vargaland

Nov 27, 2007—Jan 19, 2008An Atlas

Oct 16—Nov 17, 2007I Am Eyebeam

Aug 28—Oct 06, 2007Carol Jackson

Jun 15—Jul 07, 2007Pathogeographies: or, Other People ’s Baggage

Apr 24—Jun 02, 2007Urban Warp/Weft

Jan 16—Feb 04, 2007Captive Audience

Nov 28—Dec 23, 2006Take Me In.

Nov 14—Dec 23, 2006Empire

Oct 03—Nov 04, 2006Tomato Fight

Oct 03—Nov 04, 2006Drawings and Polaroids

Mar 14—May 13, 2006The Alchemy of Comedy…Stupid

Feb 07—Feb 20, 2006Objectifying the Abject: Exploitation, Political (In)Correctness and Ethical Dilemmas

Jan 10—Jan 28, 2006Death by Design, Co.™

Nov 01—Nov 19, 2005Experiment 400/5

Oct 04—Oct 22, 2005caminando inesperadamente

Sep 13—Dec 10, 2005Untitled Project: Dumpster

Aug 23—Sep 17, 2005The Warehouse of Disbelief

Aug 01, 2005—Jun 01, 2006Notions of Expenditure

Jun 21—Aug 06, 2005Drawn Out

May 27, 2005—Dec 31, 2011Temporary Allegiance

Feb 09—Mar 19, 2005Interested Painting

Jan 11—Jan 29, 20052004 Documentation Project: A Year in Review

Dec 07, 2004—Jan 01, 2005comfort shoes, welcome mats, and other heavenly gifts

Nov 09—Nov 27, 2004Mix Tape

Nov 09—Nov 27, 2004Echo Local

Sep 22—Oct 30, 2004James Turrell: In Light

Apr 27—Jun 12, 2004A worry-free life or your money back

Jan 13—Feb 28, 2004POST Chicago: April 2003 – April 2004

Jan 13—Feb 28, 2004The Paper Sculpture Show

Dec 09—Dec 20, 2003The Field

Nov 18—Nov 29, 2003ALERT – Please Proceed to a Shelter Nearest You

Oct 28—Nov 08, 2003When Darkness Falls

Oct 07—Oct 18, 2003Void

Sep 16—Sep 27, 2003Moon Dust

Aug 26—Sep 06, 2003Feather-Stitch

Jul 08—Aug 09, 2003Depiction

Apr 30—Jun 07, 2003Impure Beauty

Feb 25—Mar 29, 2003Speculative Chicago: A Compendium of Architectural Innovation

Jan 14—Feb 15, 2003Color Value

Oct 29—Nov 09, 2002With Reasonable Accommodation

Aug 27—Sep 07, 2002Paper Trails (Going Through Your Garbage)

Apr 23—Jun 01, 2002Loop

Jan 15—Feb 23, 2002Demonstration Room: Ideal House

Nov 13—Dec 15, 2001Revolutions Per Minute

Oct 02—Nov 03, 2001The Electric Donut

Aug 21—Sep 22, 2001Off the Wall

May 25—Jun 06, 2001Indivisible: Stories of Chicago Communities

Apr 24—May 19, 2001Inside the City

Feb 15—Mar 10, 2001Between Sound and Vision

Jan 16—Feb 03, 2001Marta Deskur and Robert Rumas

Nov 15—Dec 22, 2000Duel

Oct 02—Oct 28, 200070 + 30 = 2000

Aug 21—Sep 16, 2000Transitions, Transformations

Mar 21—Apr 14, 2000Christina Ramberg: Drawings

Feb 14—Mar 11, 2000Lara Lepionka, Jennifer Talbot, Christine Tarkowski, Anne Wilson

Jan 10—Feb 05, 2000Maria Marshall: New Works

Oct 18—Nov 27, 1999Öyvind Fahlström: The Complete Graphics and Multiples

Aug 30—Oct 02, 1999It Looks Easy

Jun 05—Jul 02, 1999San Miguel Arts Project

Feb 01—Mar 06, 1999Hello Mr. Soul

Dec 11, 1998—Jan 16, 1999Concerning Truth

Oct 26—Dec 03, 1998Food

Aug 31—Oct 10, 1998Word Perfect

Jun 26—Jul 24, 1998Bicycle Thieves

May 18—Jun 13, 1998Sculpture in Chicago: The Next Generation

Feb 09—Mar 14, 1998Deposit

Nov 10—Dec 12, 1997Perfect Being

Oct 06—Nov 01, 1997Selected Works from the LINC Collection

Sep 15—Sep 27, 1997Virtual Spaces

May 23—Jun 10, 1997Dialogical Painting

Feb 17—Mar 15, 1997Selected Works from the Refco Collection

Jan 06—Feb 08, 1997Moira Dryer

Nov 04—Dec 21, 1996Endurance: The Information

Sep 30—Oct 26, 1996Anything and Architecture

Feb 19—Mar 23, 1996In & Out

Oct 16—Nov 30, 1995Skew: The Unruly Grid

Feb 04—Mar 14, 1987Tragic and Timeless Today: Contemporary History Painting

Feb 13—Mar 08, 1985Mediterranean Indigenous Architecture: Timeless Solutions for the Human Habitat

Jan 09—Feb 02, 1985Sites and Solutions: Recent Public Art

Dec 02—Dec 05, 1984Athena’s Prostheses

Oct 17—Nov 30, 1984Bruce Charlesworth: A Recent Project, Photographs, Video

Sep 18—Sep 28, 1984Simon Steiner Memorial Photo Exhibit

May 02—May 30, 1984Four Texas Painters

Apr 16—Apr 27, 1984The Right Stuff

Mar 30—Apr 13, 1984The Student Design Show

Feb 22—Mar 07, 1984The Way We Live Now: Beyond Social Documentary

Jan 25—Feb 18, 1984Portraits: Lookalikes

Jan 09—Jan 21, 1984The Myron Goldsmith Retrospective

Nov 09—Dec 03, 1983Designing a World’s Fair: The Age of Discovery

Oct 16—Oct 29, 1983Marc Treib: Recent Posters (Peripheral Ephemera)

Sep 14—Oct 15, 1983Harry Callahan and His Students: A Study in Influence

Jun 21—Jul 08, 1983Young Lithuanian Artists

Apr 13—May 06, 1983Angelo Testa: Designer/Painter/Weaver

Jan 21—Feb 07, 1983We Salute: Great Figures in Black History

Oct 04—Oct 15, 1976Joseph Elmer Yoakum Drawings