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Exhibition: On View Adaptations for the Understudy: 2017 MFA Thesis Exhibition 1Mar 14, 2017–Apr 20, 2024


Born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel, Roni Packer is a painter who prefers paint and canvas to pictorial space. Tearing, flipping, re-weaving, and carving are in the spectrum of her practices, through which she maintains an active-passive-aggressive relationship with the images and objects of her production.

Liz McCarthy is a transdisciplinary artist. Through research and studio production, she explores how different materials develop meaning through use and origin, and applies physical performance as a potential agent to re-inscribe meaning. ​

Jose Luis Benavides is a writer, filmmaker, and visual artist. He explores narratives of identity, place, and community through an extensive research and archival practice. He writes for New City and teaches for Community Arts Partnership in Education. He is a 2016 Luminarts Finalist, and his work has shown most recently at Links Hall.

Lorenzo Gattorna is a filmmaker and programmer originally from New York. Recently, his cinematic work engages with extended temporality, eludes narrative causality, and embodies the confluence of lived experiences and embellished counterparts. He also attempts to capture flawed, fleeting scenarios and the bittersweet sentiments that accompany their passing. His films have been screened at venues worldwide, including CUFF, Echo Park Film Center, Image Forum, LOOP Festival, Maryland Film Festival, Microscope Gallery, NYFF, Open City Cinema, The Nightingale, TULCA, and VIDEOMEDEJA.


Jose Luis Benavides, Lorenzo Gattorna, Liz McCarthy, and Roni Packer