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Exhibition: On View Favorite Spring Candles: 2017 MFA Thesis Exhibition 2Mar 28, 2017–Jun 21, 2024


Zachary Hutchinson (b. 1991) comes to art through costume making, make-up, theater, video making, and an obsessive attention to image and transgressive effect. He received her BFA from SAIC and is an MFA candidate at UIC. He has had works shown in Montreal, Mexico City, San Francisco, CA, Austin, TX, Berlin, Germany, Athens, Greece and extensively in Chicago, IL. He created, a monthly screening series, and webzine made to give visibility to moving image makers in 2013.

Nellie Kluz is a filmmaker working in non-fiction videos. Using curiosity, observation, and analysis, she records and interprets various locations and communities – focusing on social interactions, belief systems, and material realities.

Michael Lopez is a Chicago-based artist, writer, performer, and MFA candidate at the University of Illinois at Chicago.


Zachary Hutchinson, Nellie Kluz, and Michael Lopez