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Jenyu Wang's call to the world: mind the gap.

Mind the gap, please. Coined in the London Underground, this warning has become a metaphor for the gaps between places, people, and ideas. UIC MFA student Jenyu Wangs works also point to gaps: specifically those formed as a result of mind-body...

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From Mother Earth to Outer Space

I took away a wonderful new feeling from Ghost Nature. The show closed last week, but left me a reminder that there still is mystery in life. Our society puts such status in science and technology, but we still cannot speak plainly with other...

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Carolee Schneemann: "Breaking the Frame"

In conjunction with a series of feminist events during the CAA conference last week, Gallery 400 had the pleasure of hosting the Chicago premier of Marielle Nitoslawska's Breaking the Frame, the first-ever documentary on pioneering feminist...