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Share Your Story: Félix Candela in Chicago

Help us expand the knowledge of Félix Candelas time in Chicago through images, stories, and documentation of objects from your personal archive.

Félix Candela moved to Chicago in 1971 to become a faculty member of the School of Architecture at...


Being a Woman in the Arts is a Struggle and a Dream

Marwen Art at Work student Isabel Chavez reflects on her summer internship at Gallery 400.

During my time as an intern at Gallery 400, I can say that I have definitely learned a lot these past five weeks. Before entering Gallery 400, I wasnt sure...

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Black Drawls & Interview with David Leggett

The imagery found in David Leggetts art is culled from a myriad of popular culture sources. Cartoon and comic book characters, celebrities, and toys are all enlisted to challenge hierarchies of power through examining race, racism, art history,...