Chicago New Media 1973–1992

Curated by Jon Cates with assistance from Chaz Evans and Jonathan Kinkley

Chicago is not often thought of as a center for new media art, technology, or industry, yet the city was home to some of the earliest and most important experiments in new media in the late 20th century. Chicago New Media 1973–1992 explores the rich exchange between industry and academics during this heady time, chronicling the under-recognized story of Chicago's contributions to new media art by artists at the University of Illinois at Chicago's (UIC) Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL), the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), and at Midway and Bally games from 1973–92. Generations of now well-known and acclaimed artists, scholars, designers, developers, curators, and organizers have moved through UIC and SAIC, all of whom shaped the development of new media locally as well as on the burgeoning international stage. Chicago New Media 1973–1992 will exhibit a range of ephemera documenting this period of industry incubation and globalization and its connections to new media art.