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Event: Opening Reception Opening Reception: The Earth Will Not Abide


April 20, 2017


5:00–8:00 pm


Gallery 400


400 S. Peoria St.
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Join Gallery 400 for the opening reception of The Earth Will Not Abide, an exhibition that poses questions about the ecological and social viability of industrial agriculture and extractive land use. Artists Ryan Griffis and Sarah Ross, Brian Holmes and Alejandro Meitin, Sarah Lewison and duskin drum, and Claire Pentecost draw connections between lands in the US, Brazil, Argentina, and China that have been—and are currently being—engineered to support an agricultural economy based on monoculture. The Earth Will Not Abide attempts to understand the rapid transformations in land use, biological diversity, and social structures wrought by these monocultures and envision how the analytical tools of political ecology allow us to visualize and critique this subject, while also pointing us in the direction of viable responses.