Two children sit in a house on a red carpet. They are playing a game that requires you to keep a balloon floating in the air by hitting it with bells. The artist stands on the far right side holding two bells. You can only see his legs. he wears long brown pants and sandals.
Alberto Aguilar moves on human scale
April 26-July 20, 2019
Alberto Aguilar’s first large scale survey explores how the Chicago-born and based artist’s various life roles and surroundings have shaped a searching, inquisitive practice. Meet each other. Receive a tour of the retrospective exhibition moves on human scale. Guest are invited to participate in a discussion session where the knowledge we bring to the space is the material for teaching practice as art
<em>Creating Legacy</em><br> Wednesday, May 15, 6pm
Creating Legacy
Wednesday, May 15, 6pm
Join us for Creating Legacy: Furthering the Art of Dance Through the Art of Disability, an artist talk featuring 2019 UIC 3Arts fellow Ginger Lane. Real-Time Captioning (CART), ASL, and Audio Description are provided. This event is free and open to all.
Alberto Aguilar, <em>09.28.12</em>, 2012, Pen on mini legal, 5x7 in, courtesy the artist.
Carpet Diem
Variety Show on an Area Rug
Thursday, May 16, 6pm
Making creative use of the limitations intrinsic to an area rug, performances respond to the concept of allotted space and the idea of a carpet. Each artist has a short burst to present, perform, or transform their interpretation of the evening’s themes.
Two images are edited together, creating one image. On the left, a brown box is open, revealing its contents. The lid of the box stands upright in the top left corner. On the lid, bright letters read,
Homemade Stories and Handmade Books
Workshop by Madeleine Aguilar
Saturday, May 25, 2pm
Madeleine Aguilar introduces the practice of autobiographical comics in this interactive bookmaking workshop. Participants are lead through exercises to document and translate their own personal narratives.
A piece of paper with black writing fills up the entire frame. A hand grasps the paper, as implied by fingertips visible in the bottom left corner. The passage is titled, At Bounded Space.
At Bounded Space
Guided Walk with Hui-min Tsen
Saturday, June 8, 2pm
Led by artist Hui-min Tsen, At Bounded Space is a guided walk through the transitional areas surrounding Gallery 400. The duration of the walk is approximately 45 minutes and departs from Gallery 400 (400 S. Peoria Street).