Making Chances, Opening Reception, 9/11

Making Chances is an exhibition of the identity, history, and community of Chances Dances, the radically inclusive queer dance party that builds safer spaces and supports local artists and activists. The exhibition is presented as part of the citywide program Platforms: 10 Years of Chances Dances, a multi-venue series of events and exhibitions featuring artwork, ephemera, herstory, performances, texts, and music by artists who have been supported by the Chances Dances granting program, past and present Chances organizers, and the greater Chances community. More»

Voices: Alberto Toscano and Jeff Kinkle, 9/2

In the two-part talk Cartographies of the Absolute Revisited: From the Invisibility of Industry to the Industries of Invisibility, Alberto Toscano and Jeff Kinkle revisit themes from their book Cartographies of the Absolute with a special focus on the differences and short-circuits between representations of capital and representations of the state. In part one Toscano explores the 1960s Italian debate on "industry and literature" and the consequences of Italian "neo-capitalism" for poetry and the novel. In the second part Kinkle continues this interrogation into an exploration of the "dual state" and the challenges it poses to political epistemology and representational practice. More»

Screening: Superimposed: Activist Video and Collective Voices, 9/16

Superimposed summons film and video work by the spiritual predecessors of Chances Dances, reflecting the collective practices and experimental organizing models of radical artists since the 1960s. Featuring work by the The Woman's Video Collective, Ant Farm, and The Cockettes, this program attempts to channel and present for exploration an ongoing process of creating/working collectively. More»