Let Me Be an Object that Screams, exhibition opening 9/8 at 5pm

Curated by Matt Morris, Let Me Be an Object that Screams brings together a range of works by contemporary artists in order to test psychoanalytic concepts of ‘subject-hood’ and the ways a subject’s counterpart, the ‘object,’ has been animated by artistic and exhibition practices. The exhibition proposes subversions to how political and psychic power have been traditionally and consistently distributed in accordance to who is perceived to operate with agency and thought, in contrast to the disinvestment of groups and communities read as “other.” More»

Curator Tour: Let Me Be an Object that Screams, 9/16 at 2pm

Matt Morris, curator of Let Me Be an Object that Screams, leads a tour of the exhibition. Morris is an artist, writer, and curator based in Chicago. He analyzes forms of attachment and intimacy through painting, perfume, photography, and institutional critique. More»

Voices: Christopher Harris, 10/10 at 6pm

Christopher Harris’ award-winning experimental films include a look at a post-industrial urban landscape, an optically printed and hand-processed film about Black outlaws, a pinhole film about the cosmic consequences of the sun’s collapse, a macro lens close up of a child’s nightlight, and a double projection film about a theme park performance of Christ’s Passion. More»