The Earth Will Not Abide, opening 4/20

The exhibition The Earth Will Not Abide poses questions about the ecological and social viability of industrial agriculture and extractive land use. These artist projects attempt to understand the rapid transformations in land use, biological diversity, and social structures wrought by these monocultures and envision how the analytical tools of political ecology allow us to visualize and critique this subject, while also pointing us in the direction of viable responses. More»

Homegrown Justice Food Stand, 4/22-4/23

During the Open Engagement conference, visit the Homegrown Justice Stand within Gallery 400’s exhibition The Earth Will Not Abide, featuring Chicago-based sustainable food companies that strive to support and uplift their communities socially and environmentally. More»

Farm to Fork Dinner: Waste Not, Want Not, 5/18

Join us for dinner and conversation in participation with the Chicago Community Trust’s On the Table. Guided by our guest facilitator, Sarah Gabriella Hernandez, we will explore topics of food waste and our collective relationship to agriculture. Nourish your body with a farm-to-fork prepared meal by Chef Abra Berens and feed your mind with conversation around the politics of sustainability. More»