Fall Exhibition Catalogue Release Party! 12/16

 Celebrate the success of our Fall 2017 exhibitions, Let Me Be an Object That Screams, curated by Matt Morris, and Traduttore, Traditore, curated by Karen Greenwalt and Katja Rivera. Both exhibition catalogues will be available for purchase, CHECK OR CASH ONLY. Contributing writers will read short excerpts from their essays, and attendees are invited to participate in a creative writing activity in conversation with the artwork of Traduttore, TraditoreMore>>

Traduttore, Traditore: exhibition on view through 12/16

Traduttore, Traditore brings together a group of artists from around the world who employ processes of translation to expose, question, and challenge global circuits of economic and cultural capital. In the wake of the current political climate, it has become increasingly evident that uninhibited travel, communication, and trade are available to a privileged few. Emerging from this context, the exhibition uses translation as a means of exploring the change—of language, customs, currency, and even memory—that occurs when people cross borders. More»

Félix Candela's Concrete Shells: exhibition opening, 1/19 at 5pm

Curated by Alexander Eisenschmidt, Félix Candela's Concrete Shells: An Engineered Architecture for México and Chicago roots Félix Candela (1910-1997) as one of the most prolific architects of the 20th century in his advanced geometric designs and lasting influence in contemporary architecture. It originated through the research of scholar Juan Ignacio del Cueto Ruiz-Funes and is curated by the architectural theorist and designer Alexander Eisenschmidt. The exhibition spotlights Félix Candela’s Concrete Shells through photographs, architectural models, and plans, as well as his time as a professor at the School of Architecture at the University of Illinois at Chicago from 1971-1978. More»