Precarity: Contingency in Artmaking and Academia, open through 7/30

In response to a nexus of economics that make it increasingly difficult to earn a living as artists, obtain higher education, and work within colleges and universities, Precarity: Contingency in Artmaking and Academia examines artistic and activist approaches to critical economic issues in US education and art making. More»

Professional Artists Toolkit: Artists' Contracts, 7/27

Professional Artists Toolkit: Artists’ Contracts, led by Ahmet Öğüt, is a workshop focusing on his "Letter of Agreement" between artists and potential buyers or galleries. In collaboration with a local lawyer and workshop participants, Öğüt seeks ways in which the "Letter of Agreement" could find use in any context. This workshop is a platform to discuss issues around artist rights, contracts, ownership, and debt. More»

An Artist's Guide to Student Loans & Financial Self-Advocacy, 7/30

This workshop, hosted by Artists Financial Support Group, educates students about financial decisions. AFSG explains the complexities of student loans in simple terms, helps students create budgets, and empowers artists to embrace the uncertainty of their professions while still making responsible fiscal decisions. More»