Let Me Be an Object that Screams, on view through 10/21

Curated by Matt Morris, Let Me Be an Object that Screams brings together a range of works by contemporary artists in order to test psychoanalytic concepts of ‘subject-hood’ and the ways a subject’s counterpart, the ‘object,’ has been animated by artistic and exhibition practices. The exhibition proposes subversions to how political and psychic power have been traditionally and consistently distributed in accordance to who is perceived to operate with agency and thought, in contrast to the disinvestment of groups and communities read as “other.” More»

Conversation: Das Janssen and Oli Rodriguez, 9/21 at 6pm

This conversation, coinciding with the exhibition Let Me Be an Object that Screams, features author Das Janssen and artist Oli Rodriguez. They will explore their relationships to objecthood, examining its roots in philosophy and art. More»

Voices: Romi Crawford, 10/3 at 6PM

Romi Crawford's research revolves primarily around formations of racial and gendered identity and the relation to American visual arts, film, and popular culture. Crawford (Ph.D) is Associate Professor in the departments of Visual and Critical Studies and Liberal Arts at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  More»