Christa Donner: Our New System, open through 10/22

In Our New System, Chicago-based artist Christa Donner builds on her virtuosic body of drawings that concern the complexities of the human organism, further exploring collectivities and spaces for new forms of human sociality. The works that make up Our New System question the possibilities for cooperation, struggle, and negotiation in living together. More»

Made in Europe: Attitudes in Contemporary Art, 9/28

In this noontime lecture curator, writer, and art critic Jurriaan Benschop discusses contemporary artists working in Europe, expanding upon his recently curated exhibition As If, At Home - Artists in Europe. Benschop presents artists with personal relationships to questions about identity, the individual, or the question “What is home?” Others deal in a more abstract way with such topics, or find their motifs in memories, nature, or the history of art. More»

Voices: Stephen Lapthisophon 9/29

Stephen Lapthisophon is a multimedia artist and educator whose work explores the realms of conceptual art, critical theory, and disability studies. Heavily influenced by The Situationists, a group of international artists who made everyday life their artistic activity, Lapthisophon incorporates this same approach into his own practice. As a blind man, he also seeks to rethink the emphasis of sight in art and aesthetic culture, creating works that rely in some part on our other senses. More»