Making Chances, open through 12/12

Making Chances is an exhibition about the identity, history, and community of Chances Dances, the queer dance party and collective that builds safer spaces and supports local artists and activists. The exhibition illuminates how the multifaceted Chances Dances collective—with their radically inclusive ethos, non-hierarchical organizational structure, broadly welcoming and safe spaces at their parties, and yearly micro grants—functions as a community catalyst. Evoking the fluidity of Chances’ community, the blending of private and public in its work, and the nomadic nature of the parties, Making Chances combines grantees’ artworks, oral histories from Chances organizers and community members, historical objects, ephemera from the organization of Chances, and exhibition design elements commissioned from Chances community members. More»

Performance: Po' Chop, 10/6, 6pm

Hell bent on creating a burlesque repertoire that sparked conversations about notions of gender, sexual prowess and race. Po'Chop debuted as a performance artist in 2010. Po’Chop’s Eat Me! was created out of a desire to provoke audiences to examine their perceptions of home, self-identity, and desire. Eat Me! combines multiple performance forms and senses to tell a story of leaving home and finding power in one’s self. More»

Performance: A$$Mutation X GLITTER BEACH, 10/10, 6pm

Please join us for a special performance by Jacquelyn Carmen "CQQCHIFRUIT" Guerrero and Sofia Moreno in A$$Mutation X Glitter Beach, a collaborative installation featuring a sequin ocean tapestry and glitter sand by CQQCHIFRUIT with sculptures by Sofia Moreno and coral by Molly Hewitt that is currently on display at Gallery 400 as part of Making Chances. This performance references the artists' shared and personal practices embodying powerful spirits while invoking the ocean as a site of death, transformation, rebirth, origins, trauma, rage, healing, love, and community. Together, they are witness to each others' simultaneous spiritual and corporal evolution-mutation. More»