Mission and History

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Closing reception for Black Light and Make Room exhibitions on August 5, 2017.

Gallery 400’s mission is to be a contemporary art hub for social interaction, transformative experience, and multi-dimensional learning. Creating a place to connect, Gallery 400 actively positions its exhibitions and public programs as opportunities with which to build community and as avenues for learning in informal social settings. Operating within the College of Architecture, Design, and the Arts at the University of Illinois at Chicago—the largest and most diverse urban public university in Chicago—Gallery 400 endeavors to make the arts and its practitioners accessible to a broad spectrum of the public and to cultivate a variety of cultural and intellectual perspectives.

Gallery 400 was founded in 1983 to exhibit and support work at the leading edge of contemporary art, design, and architecture.

Over its 32-year history, Gallery 400 has grown into one of the nation’s most vibrant university galleries, presenting consistently acclaimed exhibitions, lectures, and artist commissions. The Gallery’s exhibitions and programs represent a broad range of recent developments and aesthetic concerns and have included more than 2,000 artists and presenters to date. Gallery 400 is recognized for its support of the creation of new work, the diversity of its programs and participants, and the development of experimental models for multi-disciplinary exhibition.