Carpet Diem

Alberto Aguilar, <em>09.28.12</em>, 2012, Pen on mini legal, 5x7 in, courtesy the artist.

Variety Show on an Area Rug

Date: Thursday, May 16
Time: 6pm
Location: Gallery 400

Carpet Diem re-pre-sent-ed by the Shag gs kilim softly: spices, lifeses. A squar'd MC, an out-of-the-box confection and conflation, sometimes constraints are freeing. Who is the one in the sum? Whose are the bodies in the sum? What happened to all the hot lava we were promised?

Or so Jesse Malmed, host of Carpet Diem, frames the tone of this one-night-only artistic showcase. Making creative use of the limitations intrinsic to an area rug, performances respond to the concept of allotted space and the idea of a carpet. Each artist has a short burst to present, perform, or transform their interpretation of the evening’s themes.

Carpet Diem is presented in conjunction with the exhibition Alberto Aguilar moves on human scale, on view April 26 – June 15 at Gallery 400. The event is free and open to all.

Performances by:

Maryiah Imani Winding, Erin Hayden, Katy Albert, Chris Santiago, Ruby TAlejandro Jiménez-Flores, and No Fingers.



Accessibility Information:  

Live captioning (CART) service and personal assistants will be provided.

At Gallery 400, we strive to continually increase the accessibility of our physical space, exhibitions, and programs. Through growing relationships with community partners and the disability community in Chicago, we work creatively to integrate access into our exhibition and program planning from the outset, rather than as an afterthought. In the future, our team will continue to work transparently with individuals and organizations to improve our institutional practices and create spaces that are inclusive to all. We welcome feedback and ideas you may have.

Wheelchair Accessible Entrances & Elevators:
Gallery 400 is on the first level of the Art & Exhibition Hall at UIC, an ADA compliant building. The Art & Exhibition Hall is accessible by a push-button automatic door. The Gallery is accessible by a set of stairs with a railing or by elevator (Level 1R). If you experience issues with building access, please notify Gallery 400 staff at 312-996-6114 or building manager Chris Markin at 312-413-1001. If any temporary barriers arise, we will post updates as a status on Gallery 400’s social media platforms.

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