How are we looking today?


Performative Workshop by Bochay Drum

Date: Saturday, March 2
Time: 3:30-5:30pm*
Location: Gallery 400

*The performer will individually greet each audience member upon arrival. Please plan to arrive within the 20-minute window from 3:30 – 3:50pm.

How are we looking today? is an experimental performative workshop that explores the ways we perceive, feel, and relate. This participatory performance invites individuals to choose their path through the exhibition by negotiating their sense-based relationality. Upon arrival, audience members will be individually greeted by Bochay Drum and asked to gauge their desired participation level and personal expectations of the workshop. After the initial greeting, participants will be led through a series of interactions with the exhibition All have the same breath. These experiences bring them into relational bonding with the artwork through writing, drawing, listening, smelling, feeling and mood--ultimately developing modes of observation that foster collective agency.

Light refreshments will be served.



Gallery 400 welcomes all visitors and strives to make every effort to accommodate guests with various needs. The gallery has a wheelchair-accessible entrance and elevators. Gender neutral and wheelchair accessible restrooms are located on the same floor as Gallery 400. While the restrooms are accessible to wheelchair users, the door to the restroom is not. Visitors who use wheelchairs can request personal assistance with opening and closing the restroom doors at the Gallery 400 front desk.

Personal assistance is provided in the exhibition space by attendants at the front desk. Additionally, gallery attendants are more than happy to provide audio description for any visitor who is visually impaired.

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