Ava Smith (she/her)

I draw inspiration from artists like An-My Le, Johannes Vermeer, Albrecht Drüer, and James Murphy.

I enjoy cooking at home and dancing too. I love photography for capturing the little moments or places not seen.

Name: Isabelle Martin (she/her)

Major/Program of Study: MA in Art History

Artists/artworks/art historians/architects that inspire you: Glenn Ligon, David Hammons, Thi Bui, Kristy Edmunds, Miriam Kienle

My research interests include the politics of race, representation, and (in)visibility in contemporary American art, with particular emphasis on works of participatory art. I also research photography, memory, and subjectivity in comics and graphic novels.

name: Lando Menze (he/him)

Major: Art History

Artists/artworks/art historians/architects that inspire you: Marc Bradford, Kurt Schwitters, Phillip Guston, David Altmed.

Lando is a sculptor and drummer for the indie garage band Blind Shrines.

Name: Carmen Fuentes G. (she/her)

Major/Program of Study: Art History.

Artists/artworks/art historians/architects that inspire you: Violeta Parra's ever-flowing creativity and need to express what she felt deep in her heart has inspired me. Architecture and the way cities are planned are also topics that interest me because of the ways in which they affect people's lives. The Blue Mountain by Kandinsky is one painting that makes me instantly happy, and in general, I appreciate the exquisite texture of many of the Impressionists' masterpieces.

I was born and raised in Chile, a land of endless mountains and the sea. Although I never got tired of looking at the Andes, I always wanted to see what was on the other side, and that is how I became a bit of a footloose. I've lived in Seoul, Kigali, and San Francisco, and loved above all meeting people from each place. Now I live in Chicago, and I'm constantly making excuses to go downtown. Wandering around places, big cities in particular, it's possibly my favorite hobby. I'm currently kind of obsessed with philosophy, my sweet husband, and my dog Roxy.

Name: Prakhar Deora (he/him)

Major: Architecture

Artists/Architects who inspire you: Akira Kurosawa, Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Hayao Miyazaki, Steve McCurry, Balkrishna Doshi, Tadao Ando

Having had the privilege of immersing myself into the cultures of India, Japan, and now the USA, I react to natural observations (and comparisons). As a creative it is my aim to keep balance while tiptoeing across the globe – always between a pilgrimage and an expedition. Somewhere along this path I am hoping to find architectural solutions for human problems of refugee crises and environment.