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Jane Veeder

JG3D, 1986

3D animation

Available from Monday, October 26 - Sunday, November 1

During the COVID-19 stay at home period, Gallery 400 presents a series of online screenings featuring work by artists who have previously exhibited at the Gallery. Each work will stream on the Gallery 400 website for three weeks.

Short for ‘Jane Goes 3D’, JG3D is an early experiment in 3D animation by new media artist Jane Veeder. According to Veeder:  [JG3D]interprets my creative evolution from video art through 2D to 3D computer animation, integrating elements of personal history with theoretical issues relating to the current aesthetics of 3D computer animation.  Elements such as computer graphics “realism”, platonic ideals about the truth and beauty of numbers, and the mystique of digital power are mythologized into cartoonish concrete form and combined with an autobiographical, creative techno-history to produce a zero-gravity 3D animated theme-park ride.