Gallery 400 COVID-19 Update

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A Message from our Director

Dear friends of Gallery 400, those of you in the UIC family, here in Chicago, and connected to us from elsewhere,

These are unprecedented times. Much is changing rapidly. But we are all in this together. Gallery 400 is proud to be a part of the University of Illinois at Chicago, which is not only showing great leadership and support for its students but is on the frontlines, in its hospital and UIHealth system, caring for people suffering from COVID-19.

Though for the foreseeable future, Gallery 400 is physically closed, we are working hard to make human connections and support our focus. It is in Gallery 400’s mission that we are “a place to connect” and create “opportunities with which to build community.” In these times, we plan to connect you to resources if you are in need, to ways to help if you are able, and to the ways that art offers emotional sustenance, whether as respite or as an outlet for more complex feelings.

On Facebook and Instagram, we will be sharing opportunities for support for artists, ways to support UIC and Chicago community members, creative responses that artists are making to sheltering at home, archival Gallery 400 content, and more.

While we have postponed most of our programs, we are working to see how many can be made available online. Discussions about new online programming possibilities have already started.

We look forward to the days when we will welcome you to the gallery again when we will share in person the incredible work that artists make, and when we will come together in the community. Until then, we wish you well.

--Lorelei Stewart, director, and the Gallery 400 staff