Stories from the Inside

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An Interview with MFA Student Ben Murray

Ben Murray is a painter and sculptor from the University of Illinois at Chicagos MFA program who will be exhibiting work at Gallery 400 in the upcoming MFA thesis show A strange house in my voice. Murray was interviewed by Gail Gomez.

Gail Gomez:...

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Finding Our Museum Futures

Will it surprise you if I say I have been utterly surprised to find myself working in and around museums? Growing up I didnt know anyone who worked in a museum, and how I began working in one was serendipitous.

I was born in California's Bay Area...

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The 2012 BFA Thesis Show

The BFA Senior Thesis is a a year-long course that culminates in a thesis exhibition and screening. Students spend the year working in their studios, producing a body of work that they draw upon for the exhibition. While there are occasional field...

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Self-Portrait as DVD

Moving Image 2: Topics in Video Installation is an advanced video production course offered by UICs School of Art and Design. Throughout the semester students explore video installation methodologies through a series of individual and...

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FOOD is a graduate seminar offered through UICs Art History department, co-taught by Professor Hannah Higgins and Jane Addams Hull-House Museum Director Lisa Yun Lee. The simple, straightforward title of the class belies the breadth and...

The Inside Story

The Inside Story

Gallery 400 is proud to debut Stories from the Inside, a unique feature of its new website that provides views into the many activities of the creative programs in the College of Architecture and the Arts—Gallery 400’s home at the UIC. More »