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Finding Our Museum Futures

Will it surprise you if I say I have been utterly surprised to find myself working in and around museums? Growing up I didnt know anyone who worked in a museum, and how I began working in one was serendipitous.

I was born in California's Bay Area...

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The 2012 BFA Thesis Show

The BFA Senior Thesis is a a year-long course that culminates in a thesis exhibition and screening. Students spend the year working in their studios, producing a body of work that they draw upon for the exhibition. While there are occasional field...

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Self-Portrait as DVD

Moving Image 2: Topics in Video Installation is an advanced video production course offered by UICs School of Art and Design. Throughout the semester students explore video installation methodologies through a series of individual and...

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FOOD is a graduate seminar offered through UICs Art History department, co-taught by Professor Hannah Higgins and Jane Addams Hull-House Museum Director Lisa Yun Lee. The simple, straightforward title of the class belies the breadth and...