Vito Acconci: A Graphic Retrospective, 1971–1992

Vito Acconci

Vito Acconci: A Graphic Retrospective, 1971–1992 represents a complete survey of the graphic oeuvre of Vito Acconci from 1971 to 1992. It presents chronologically Acconci's diverse artistic concerns.

Acconci evolved from poet to performance artist to sculptor. His prints have also paralleled this transition and development. While his early works question the conventions of printmaking, his later works challenge the very nature of the medium itself. In Trademarks (1970) Acconci inked up marks on his body to make a print, whereas in Wings for Wall and Person (1979–81) the viewer participates by standing between an expanse of twelve etchings, linking together a pair of antique airplane wings.

Acconci's performance and body art from the early 1970s is depicted in the lithographs Kiss Off, Trade Marks, and Touchstone (for J. L), which were printed at Nova Scotia Press. His interest in architecture was explored in the prints Stone for a Wall, Building Blocks for a Doorway, Big Brick, and Fold Out House. The artist's more recent concerns for social spaces and public sculpture are examined in 3 Flags for 1 Space and 6 Regions, Wav(er)ing Flag, and the Name Calling Chair. The twenty-four works in the exhibition are innovative both conceptually and in their dynamic use of materials.