The Dragon Is the Frame

Inspired by the life and work of Mark Aguhar

Artist Biography

Mark Aguhar HeadshotMark Aguhar (1987-2012) made work that explores queer expression and what it means to have grown up gay on the internet. She—Mark identified as “femme” and wanted to be referred to as "she"—collected visual artifacts from queer online communities and used them in her work to define and re-define her self and body. Aguhar worked in drawing, sculpture, video, and performance. She combined porn, fashion, textiles, and queer jokes to produce a range of optical effects that reflected many trans-identities. Her blog, calloutqueen, is a mash-up of searching questions about identity and an amused fascination with pop culture. Rather than attempt to represent the entire queer community, Aguhar was interested in voicing her own unique experience on the spectrum in real and personal terms. In 2011, Aguhar exhibited work at the Lawndale Art Center in Houston. Her work was also included in Torch Song, the University of Illinois at Chicago’s MFA thesis exhibition in 2012. Aguhar completed a BA at the University of Texas at Austin and received an MFA from the University of Illinois at Chicago.