Mix Tape

Terence Hannum

Artists: Elijah Burgher, Paola Cabal, Anthony Elms, Gabriel Fowler, Stacey Gengo, Matthew Hanner, Terence Hannum, John Phillips, Daniel Pineda/Total Gym, Paul Lloyd Sargent, Greg Svitil, Carl Suddath, and Carl Warnick and Dawn Reed

As the audiocassette becomes obsolete in the wake of the compact disc and downloadable digital tracks, Terence Hannum’s Mix Tape exhibition returns gallery visitors to the frugal egalitarianism of the mix tape. In this group show, visitors are able to listen to, take home, or even remix their own versions of mix tapes provided by national and Chicago-based artists, musicians, and writers.

Mix Tape was commissioned as one of the projects in the 2004 At the Edge: Innovative Art in Chicago series.

Mix Tape is presented concurrently with Echo Local.