Marc Treib: Recent Posters (Peripheral Ephemera)

Marc Treib

Marc Treib: Recent Posters (Peripheral Ephemera) is an exhibition of approximately fifty posters from the years between 1972 and 1979. Most of the posters were executed for the Department of Architecture lecture series, University of California, Berkeley, and deal with architecturally related themes. The posters are generally 18” x 24”, though there are both smaller (to 11” x 15") and larger (24” x 90") examples. Diazo (blue, black or brownline), an inexpensive process, was used for the majority, in addition to offset lithography.

This exhibition is organized in conjunction with the University Galleries at the University of California, Santa Barbara and opened there before traveling to Gallery 400. A catalogue of approximately 64 pages published by Poltroon Press accompanied the exhibition.