Make Room

Exhibition Checklist (expanded)

The Chicago ACT Collective Sanctuary, 2016
Silk screen posters, workspace, photocopied posters, 17 x 11 in.
Courtesy the Collective

Sanctuary emerged in the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election when many people struggled to find ways to publicly resist the offensive and harmful rhetoric utilized during the current U.S. president’s election campaign. ACT Collective designed, printed, and distributed the poster in response to post-election calls for many U.S. cities to designate themselves sanctuary cities. Since 2012 Chicago has been a sanctuary city for immigrants; but ACT Collective affirms more than our city’s ordinances that protect immigrants and offer services to all residents, regardless of immigration status.
Acknowledging that their poster doesn’t account for all anti-oppressive struggles, ACT Collective designed a blank Sanctuary poster for individuals and groups to customize. Building upon this participatory element, the Collective is developing Sanctuary zines, workshops, and trainings for community members to address ideas about building sanctuary.

Black box, blinds, spotlight, zine
Courtesy the artist

NIC Kay’s installation and zine are part of the artist’s larger series Exercises in Getting Well Soon!, which they say is “an interruption, a memorial, a wake, and a meditation on reparations.” Inspired by longtime activist Mariame Kaba and her idea that “Hope is a Discipline,” they question the sense that the familiar phrase Get Well Soon offers a hope of recovery. As the artist has written, “What is wellness—living with, despite, and barely in the constant of Black death and trauma? What does black diasporic collective healing look, feel, sound like? What are the historical examples of this longing? I am interested in the creation of non-survival narratives.”
NIC has designed the THERE’S A TIME AND A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING zine exercises to be used here in the installation or elsewhere.
Their Exercises in Getting Well Soon! series is presented in preparation for a full length group performance at Movement Research, New York in December 2017.

Rhonda Wheatley
Healing Space, 2017
Journal entries, personal notes, sculptures, crystals, living plants and other non-living organic materials, wooden chest, sage, and pillows
Courtesy the artist

The objects and words filling Wheatley’s installation are orchestrated to create positive energy and promote personal healing. In this environment of Wheatley’s artworks—entries from her journals, an energy grid that includes sculptures, and comfortable areas to sit—you are invited to spend time and to write, using the prompts Wheatley has provided or as the space moves you.