Indivisible: Stories of Chicago Communities

Terra Museum of American Art and Chicago Arts Partnership in Education

Exhibition Projects

ACT Charter School

Grades 9 - 11; Kris Sieloff and Mike Zenke, teachers; and Maria Clavick, photographer
Documentary photography and oral histories

ACT Charter School

Grades 6 - 8; Anuj Vaidya, media artist; Street Level Youth Media; with ACT teachers
Multi-channel video sculpture and installation
Speaking to the questions; how identity is tied to place, what gives us a sense of home, and how a sense of home differs across generations.

Blaine Elementary School – LEAP Partnership

Grade 6; Jen Harwig, teacher; Peter Walton, Art Teacher; and Amy Low, LEAP musician
Photo-transfer Story Quilt with taped music and stories
Focusing on collecting family stories through parent interviews, writing stories and creating songs to dispel racial stereotypes in the classroom.

Hawthorne School – Hawthorne/Agassiz Partnership

Kindergarten; Wendee DeSent and Teresa Neff, teachers; and Jennifer Keats, photographer
Creation of Flip Books of photographs with composite faces of students, and students; photographs of where they sleep with reflections of their bedtime rituals.
Dealing with the questions; how are we different? How are we the same in this Kindergarten community?

Healy Elementary School – Bridgeport/Armor Square Partnership 

Grade 5; Mary Coughlan, teacher; and Bonnie Hill-Dowdy, Art Teacher
Large photographic panels of students within Bridgeport
Looking at how to discover unity through the community and architecture of Bridgeport

Healy Elementary and Kinzie Elementary 

Grade 7; Bart Rieger and Julie Pignataro, teachers; and Rosemary Doolas, dancer/choreographer
Dance piece with visuals and video images
Exploring communication across different communities of two very distinct populations of children, including a group that is hearing impaired. Multiple forms of communication between the groups will include; emails, sign language and the language of image and dance.

Jenner Elementary School 

Grade 4; Matt Schergen, Art teacher; with Jenner classroom teachers
Architectural Models of communities
Exploring the questions; How are communities physically organized? What do communities need to thrive? And what makes up a model community?

Lakeview High School 

Grades 9 – 11; Wendy Masto and Carmen Bauko, ESL teachers; and Esther Charbit, artist LEAP
Three-paneled, free-standing mural
Documenting the immigration experiences of Lakeview students

Michele Clark School 

Grade 8; Time Jones, teacher; Jesus Macarena-Avila, artist; and Shanti Foundation for Peace
Art installation of a Cause Quilt
Exploring how racism affects community identities in our history and today.

Mitchell School 

Grade 7; Ted Lesley, Art teacher; and partner, Art Resources in Teaching
Collage and photography installation
Using art as an access point to explore gentrification and community change.

Murray Elementary and Ray Elementary / Southside Partnership 

Grade 2 and Grade 8; Teachers across grade levels; Jeff Semmerling, mask artist; and Eliza Duenow, Hyde Park Art Center
Collaboratively-built, giant, Exquisite Corpse Puppet
Documenting the process of building the puppet and exploring community, cultural identity and representation, and promoting collaboration among the children at both schools to create a unity of vision.

Northside College Prep 

Grades 9 - 12; Jorge Lucero, art teacher; with other teachers at NSCP
Art work that blurs the boundaries between photography and drawing
Investigating how photographs parallel other methods of picture making and exploring environmental and community issues.

Ogden School 

Grade 4; Mike Tavell, teacher; with Rebecca Roin and Scott Sikkema, Terra Museum
Documentary Photography and Oral Histories
Recording the lives and hopes of homeless Streetwise vendors

Orozco School and Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum Partnership 

Grade 7; Vicki Turbov, Aandraya da Silva, and Maria Economou, teachers; with Jennifer Jensen and Ed Pino, art teachers
Retablos (Mexican paintings on tin) installation
Documenting the Pilsen community and students’ reactions to attitudes about Pilsen.

Telpochcalli School and MFACM Partnership 

Grade 8; Vicki Trinder, teacher; and Guillermo Delgado, artist
Student self portraits of themselves as Community Heroes
Sharing students’ heroic images of themselves, and their stories, with younger Telpochcalli students.