Leslie Bellavance, Phil Berkman, Michiko Itatani, and Paul Krainak

Artists: Leslie Bellavance, Phil Berkman, Michiko Itatani, and Paul Krainak

Feint/Faint is a project by artists Leslie Bellavance (Wisconsin), Phil Berkman (Illinois), Michiko Itatani (Illinois), and Paul Krainak (West Virginia), which consists of a collaboratively conceived merger of aesthetic and civic interests. Feint/Faint questions the conditions of identity that circulate within communities claiming to serve everyone impartially.

The installation involves artifacts, documents, and events that consolidate the ritual space of cultural judgment and the opportunity for civic action. As part of this project the artists invited UIC's Blood Bank to conduct a blood drive at Gallery 400 during the exhibition. The blood drive became the literal and figurative manifestation of the commonality and independence of organizations and of the individual with regard to social contact and a social contract.

Feint/Faint investigates reciprocity among social arenas and between community and subject. The efficient and anonymous (or realistically selective and strategic) circulation of blood via the blood bank is seen in relation to the subject's trafficking of identity in negotiating various communities’ demands for allegiance.