Favorite Spring Candles


An expansive survey of material debris, subjectivities, gestures, and ontologies, Favorite Spring Candles reminds us that the desire to possess and process things remains mysterious. If the rapidly arriving future promises intangibility, dismantling, and schism, what can we do now to bear witness to the human need to relate and to create systems that give meaning? When the apparatus for understanding is material, hierarchies of meaning issue from the arrangement of constituent parts. A foggy conjecture between disparate elements can create a gratifying order between chosen subjects. The impulse to pin down eludes these non-linear, liquid, modular, and performative works, but perhaps providing decipherability is irrelevant when details so minute and particular are amplified. Instead, these artist-created systems use the absurdly idiosyncratic to reveal something profound about the everyday. 

Chris Hoag completed his bachelor's degree at the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee where he majored in Philosophy, Art History, and Filmmaking. He works primarily in 16mm film and his practice is inspired by an interest in formalism(s), ontological distinction, and sea worms. His films have shown at the Images Festival, PDX, the Ann Arbor Film Festival, the Chicago Underground Film Festival, the Hamilton Gallery of Art, and other venues.

Zachary Hutchinson (b. 1991) comes to art through costume making, make up, theater, video making and an obsessive attention to image and transgressive affect. He received her BFA at from SAIC and is a MFA candidate at UIC. He has had works shown in Montreal, Mexico City, San Francisco CA, Austin TX, Berlin Germany, Athens Greece and extensively in Chicago IL. He created VideoVideoZine.com , a monthly screening series and webzine made to give visibility to moving image makers in 2013.

Nellie Kluz is a filmmaker working in non-fiction video. Using curiosity, observation and analysis, she records and interprets various locations and communities - focusing on social interactions, belief systems and material realities.

Michael Lopez is a Chicago based artist, writer, performer and MFA candidate at the University of Illinois at Chicago.