Archival Impulse

Curated by Lorelei Stewart

Exhibition Checklist

The Alliance of Pentaphilic Curators
(Jason Dunda and Teena McClelland)

5x5 Porcelain Venues, 2011
Toilet paper holders

John Arndt
Archive, 2008
Microcrystalline wax, metal lath, compost, and cedar

Conrad Bakker
Untitled Project: SUBSCRIPTION [Artforum International: Sept 1969–June 1970], 2009–10
Oil on carved wood

Dexter Sinister
A Note on the Type, excerpt, 2010
Vinyl on wall

Christa Donner 
Archive Excerpt (Re:Production), 2011
Mixed media on paper, photographic prints, found objects

Kota Ezawa
History of Photography Remix, 2004–06
Slide installation

Edie Fake
Kris Studios, 2011
Pen, ink, and gouache on paper, 14 x 17 in.

The Sappho, 2010
Pen, ink, and gouache on paper, 14 x 17 in. 

Eric Fleischauer
Rhythmus 21st Century, 2011
HD video, 13:00 min. loop

Stephen Lapthisophon
The Taxonomy of Root Vegetables, 2011
Shelf, potatoes, and wire

Jason Lazarus
Too Hard to Keep, 2010–
Selected donated photographs

Dani Leventhal
Shot 2002, 2011
Wood and black bear skin

Aspen Mays
Radio and Television Production Aids, 2010
Silver gelatin prints

Mary Patten
Untitled (names and addresses), 1994
Mixed media

Jenny Perlin
Division, 2010
Video, 0:55 min. loop

Letter, 2010
Video, 0:56 min. loop

Mimeograph, 2010
Video, 20:50 min. loop

Public Collectors
Publications from the Public Collectors PDF Collection

Public Collectors: Ricki Hill
Scrap Metal Collection: Relics of an Industrial Pathway

Public Collectors: Katrina Petrauskas
28 CTA Passes

Public Collectors: Michael Thomas
Fashion Illustration by D. ‘Jame

Jason Salavon
374 Farben, 2007
Digital C-print and light box

Paul Lloyd Sargent
Diet for Ambivalent America, 2011

Cauleen Smith
FINDINGS #1: Evidence of Synesthesia and the Exploration of Visual Materiality in the Creative Practice of Sun Ra, 2011
Eighty 35mm slides, 256Hz tuning fork, 432Hz tuning fork, 430Hz tuning fork, rubber mallet, and screenprinted notebook

Edra Soto
Ornamentos, 2005
Embossing aluminum in gold, silver, and copper

Stephanie Syjuco
Particulate Matter (Things, Thingys, Thingies), excerpt, 2010
Mixed media

Sergio Vega
Miami Modern Art Museum: Department of Parrots, 2007
Inkjet prints

Philip von Zweck
Best Music Ever, 2004
45 sheets of ink on paper

Every Hotel Room, 1991–