Archival Impulse

Curated by Lorelei Stewart

Artists in the Archive

Many of the artists in Archival Impulse have exhibited their work in past Gallery 400 shows, in both a solo and group context. 

The Alliance of Pentaphilic Curators (Jason Dunda and Teena McClelland)

John Arndt

Conrad Bakker

Dexter Sinister 

Christa Donner

Kota Ezawa

Edie Fake 

Eric Fleischauer

Stephen Lapthisophon

  • Gallery 400 exhibition: With Reasonable Accommodation, 2002
  • Artist's blog

Jason Lazarus

Dani Leventhal

  • Gallery 400 exhibitions: Feather Stitch, 2003; The Tiny Ventriloquist, 2010
  • Artist's website

Aspen Mays

Mary Patten

Jenny Perlin

  • Gallery 400 exhibition: A worry-free life or your money back, 2004
  • Artist's website

Public Collectors (Marc Fischer)

  • Gallery 400 exhibitions: San Miguel Arts Project, 1999; Paper Trails (Going Through Your Garbage), 2002; Captive Audience, 2007 (curator); Art Work: A National Conversation About Art, Labor, and Economics, 2010 (with Temporary Services)
  • Public Collectors website

Jason Salavon

Paul Lloyd Sargent

Cauleen Smith

  • Not previously exhibited at Gallery 400; delivered a Voices lecture in 2010
  • Artist's website

Edra Soto

Stephanie Syjuco

  • Gallery 400 exhibition: Particulate Matter (Things, Thingys, Thingies), 2010
  • Artist's website

Sergio Vega

Philip von Zweck

  • Gallery 400 exhibitions: Sounding Off, 2004 (co-curator); Temporary Allegiance, 2005-present
  • Artist's blog