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Spotlight: A celebration of LGBTIQ resources and organizations

Featuring Performances by Megan Milks and Rebecca Kling

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Thursday, October 1, 2015 – 4:00PM to 7:00PM
Gallery 400
400 S. Peoria St.

Spotlight Promo

Spotlight is a resource fair focused on welcoming queer-identified youth and young adults to Chicago. This event is designed as a gathering of a variety of service agencies and groups that work with LGBTQI+ youth and students to introduce attendees to resources available locally and nationally. The event is available to high school and college students and non-students to encourage exchange among a broad array of individuals and organizations.

Participating Organizations Include:
- Bisexual Queer Alliance Chicago
- Broadway Youth Center
- Chicago Women's Health Center
- La Casa Norte
- Project Fierce
- RAD Remedy

Spotlight also features a reading by author Megan Milks and performance by Rebecca Kling while Gallery 400's current exhibition Making Chances is open for viewing. 

Writer, arts/culture critic, and UIC alum Megan Milks will read from the collection Kill Marguerite and Other Stories, a 2015 Lambda Literary Award finalist, along with new work. Featuring appearances from Tegan and Sara, the Sweet Valley Twins, One Direction, and more.

Rebecca Kling is a transgender artist and educator who explores gender and identity through solo performance pieces and educational workshops. Her multidisciplinary performances incorporate conversational storytelling, personal narrative, humor, and more. Kling takes the position that sharing accessible queer narrative with a wide audience is a form of activism, and that understanding combats bigotry.