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Global Cities, Model Worlds and The World Finder

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Opening Reception

Friday, January 20, 2012 – 11:00AM to 2:00PM
Gallery 400
400 South Peoria Street

Global Cities World Finder Reception

Join us for an opening reception for two exhibitions on the themes of mega-events, architecture, and urbanism: Global Cities, Model Worlds and The World Finder.

In Global Cities, Model Worlds artists Ryan Griffis, Lize Mogel, and Sarah Ross explore the spatial and social impacts of “mega events,” such as the Olympics and World’s Fairs. The host cities of these international spectacles seek to transform themselves into “global cities” through planning, architecture, and ideology. Locally, these events pave the way for redevelopment projects that can create new public resources such as parks, stadiums, or transportation infrastructure, but often result in significant displacement of residents or industry, reinforcing existing inequalities. More »

The World Finder investigates the 1893 engineer and dramatist Steele MacKaye who set out to build the Spectatorium, the world’s largest theater for the world’s largest event, the World’s Columbian Exposition. Within this immense space, MacKaye intended to present The World Finder, an epic in four acts that told the story of Columbus’s voyage to America. However, the financial panic of 1893 deprived the project of funds and the Spectatorium was never completed. Pocket Guide to Hell revisits this story of big dreams and bigger failures with a selection of related artifacts and an abridged performance of The World FinderMore »

Image: Global Cities, Model Worlds, 2011, Miller Gallery, Carnegie Mellon University (installation view).