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Ghost Pattern Waves Performance Series


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Tuesday, April 4, 2017 at 11:00AM until Saturday April 8, 2017 1:00PM
Gallery 400
400 S. Peoria

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Coinciding with the MFA thesis exhibition Ghost Pattern Waves artists Alexander DeGraaf and Caleb Foss present a series of in-gallery performances.

About Caleb Foss: Caleb Foss combines a spectrum of old and new media devices with a focus on how their mechanics reflect and impact social and political structures. Drawing from a fascination with amusement park rides and magic tricks, these projects take an imaginative approach to everyday technologies.

About Pastel Fractal: Pastel Fractal's mission is to perform wonders* with the mission statements of Chicagoans. Pastel Fractal's next four performances will take place from April 4 to April 8, 2017 in Gallery 400 where an interactive apparatus will be constructed and adjusted to accommodate participants. This apparatus extends four machine interfaces that store information primarily to floppy disks. These interfaces branch out in a fractal pattern that corresponds to the interfaces' places along the continuum of technology over time. Participants are provided written instructions at each interface in order to submit information that will be processed during the performances.

These performances will also feature special guests who will take the Pastel Fractal Quad Composition CAREoke Collaboration Challenge Chicago (PF4CCCCC)! This challenge involves special guests making music and performing karaoke-style in addition to submitting the information in order perform wonders.

*Wonders are qualified by positive experience beyond understanding.

Performance Schedule:

Tuesday, April 4, 11am
Caleb Foss, Screen, performed by Maria Luisa, 5 mins.
Alexander DeGraaf, Pastel Fractal v7.3.0, 60 mins.

Wednesday, April 5, 12pm
Caleb Foss, Screen, performed by Alex Rodriguez, 5 mins.
Alexander DeGraaf, Pastel Fractal v7.3.1, 60 mins.

Friday, April 7, 12pm
Caleb Foss, Screen, performed by Kelsey Foss, 5 mins.
Alexander DeGraaf, Pastel Fractal v7.3.3, 60 mins.

Saturday, April 8, 12pm
Caleb Foss, Screen, performed by Cooper Forsman, 5 mins.
Alexander DeGraaf, Pastel Fractal v7.3.4, 60 mins.

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