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Art Work: Introduction and Discussion by Temporary Services

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Saturday, January 30, 2010 – 12:00PM to 2:00PM
Gallery 400 Lecture Room
400 South Peoria Street

Art Work Events

Art Work: A National Conversation about Art, Labor, and Economics is an exhibition by Temporary Services of material relating to their newspaper and website Art Work ( Art Work consists of writings and images from artists, activists, writers, critics, and others on the topic of working within depressed economies and how that impacts the artistic process, compensation, and artistic property. The independently published newspaper is distributed throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.

Temporary Services is a collaborative artist group composed of Brett Bloom, Salem Collo-Julin, and Marc Fischer. The group is based in Illinois and has existed, with several changes in membership and structure, since 1998. Temporary Services has produced exhibitions, events, projects, and publications worldwide in both institutions and public spaces. In 2008, Temporary Services initiated Half Letter Press, a publishing imprint and an experimental online store.

At this event, the artists that form Temporary Services will discuss the origin of the newspaper and its related issues. 

Image: Temporary Services, Art Work: A National Conversation about Art, Labor, and Economics, 2010, newspaper.