Spring 2005 Events


The Alchemy of Comedy...Stupid


Monday, May 2, 2005 – 7:00PM to 8:00PM

Featuring wildly popular comedian David Alan Grier on a lushly colored, multi-channel video, The Alchemy of Comedy...Stupid examines the nuances and structures, rapture and pathos of jokes, comedy ...

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Kaja Silverman Primary

Voices: Kaja Silverman

"Extreme Love"


Tuesday, April 12, 2005 – 12:00PM to 1:30PM

Kaja Silverman (born 1947) is a foremost writer and scholar in the areas of film and gender theory, feminism, psychoanalysis, philosophy, and the study of photography and time-based visual art. She...

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Carlos Basualdo Primary

Voices: Carlos Basualdo

"Tropicália: a Parallel Modernity in Brazil (1967-1972)"


Tuesday, April 5, 2005 – 12:00PM to 1:30PM

Carlos Basualdo (born 1964) is an independent curator and Adjunct Professor at Instituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia, Italy. Basualdo was a co-curator for the internationally renowned ...

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David Humphrey Head Shot

Voices: David Humphrey


Tuesday, March 29, 2005 – 5:00PM to 7:00PM

Painter and printmaker David Humphrey (born 1955) is concerned with the varied manifestations of desire. He creates layered pictorial narratives using colloquial objects from popular culture and ki...

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Judy Ledgerwood Head Shot

Voices: Judy Ledgerwood


Tuesday, March 15, 2005 – 5:00PM to 7:00PM

On her large canvases, Chicago-based painter Judy Ledgerwood (born 1959) expands the definition of modernism by displacing the authoritarian and pushing the primacy of visual en...

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Matthew Buckingham Head Shot

Voices: Matthew Buckingham


Tuesday, February 8, 2005 – 5:00PM to 7:00PM

Matthew Buckingham (born 1963) makes films and photographs that examine locations, monuments, and historical events. His 16mm film A Man of the Crowd (2003) is modeled on an Edgar Allan&#...

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Dike Blair Primary

Voices: Dike Blair


Tuesday, February 1, 2005 – 11:00AM to 12:30PM

In a practice similar to Japanese ikebana, Dike Blair (born 1952) carefully arranges elements from the designed environment to form his sculptural installations. These subtly balanced landscapes i...

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