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And The Beat Goes On

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014 – 7:00PM to 9:00PM
Gallery 400
400 South Peoria Street

Nion Frieda Still

As the Gallery 400 exhibition Ghost Nature, curated by Caroline Picard, investigates human relationships with the natural world, And The Beat Goes On focuses on ever-changing social landscapes. Whether it be an endless war, endless reflections on youth, endless materialized memories, or an endless road defining the eventual limitations of a promised land, these scenarios encompass the human condition. This program may leave you asking yourself the following question: Will it all really end with the sun setting off the coast of California?

And The Beat Goes On is curated by artist and Visiting Assistant Professor in the School of Art & Art History at UIC, Fern Silva.


  • Warren Sonbert, Hall of Mirrors, 1966, 16mm film, 7:00 min.
  • Jonathan Schwartz, Nothing is Over Nothing, 2009, 16mm film, 17:00 min.
  • Gretchen Skogerson, Frontier Step, 2007, video, 8:30 min. 
  • Alee Peoples, Them Oracles, 2012, 16mm film, 7:30 min.
  • Peter Burr, Alone with the Moon, 2012, video, 13:30 min.
  • Sylvia Schedelbauer, Sounding Glass, 2011, video, 7:00 min.
  • Karthik Pandian, Atlas, 2012, HD video with sound, original score by Christian Wolff and performed by Ice Verld, 5:00 min.

Total running time: 65:30 min.

Image: Jonathan Schwartz, Nothing is Over Nothing, 2008, 16mm, 17:00min (still).