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Jonny Farrow 150x150

Myth Nowhat?

Jonny Farrow is an artist working with sound and objects at the intersection of sculpture, installation, radio, and performance. His work investigates cultural and architectural spaces through interventions created with found and made objects,...

The Distance From Here 150x150

Crossing Borders, Part Two

The idea of diaspora is incredibly complicated and one that encapsulates many definitions. But diaspora, in its most basic definition, refers to ideas of displacement. From a Greek word meaning "to scatter about, disperse," it was originally used...

Rasheed Araeen 150x150

Crossing Borders

"To cross a frontier is to be transformed. . . The frontier is a wake-up call. At the frontier we can't avoid the truth; the comforting layers of the quotidian, which insulate us against the world's harsher realities, are stripped away and,...

Passage Blog Primary

Sounding Color and Coloring Sound

Tashi Wada and Madison Brookshires Passage

What you see and know of Passage from the outside is merely the set of solid objects and framing gestures from which it is constructed: two projectors on pedestals angled slightly towards each other...