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Rasheed Araeen 150x150

Crossing Borders

"To cross a frontier is to be transformed. . . The frontier is a wake-up call. At the frontier we can't avoid the truth; the comforting layers of the quotidian, which insulate us against the world's harsher realities, are stripped away and,...

Passage Blog Primary

Sounding Color and Coloring Sound

Tashi Wada and Madison Brookshires Passage

What you see and know of Passage from the outside is merely the set of solid objects and framing gestures from which it is constructed: two projectors on pedestals angled slightly towards each other...

Kunz Blog Primary

Interview with Anna Kunz

Anastasia Karpova: First of all, thank you for sitting down with me to talk about your work. Lets start by having you talk a bit about how you first became involved in Spectral Landscape (with Viewing Stations) and working with the curators, John...

T Shirt Flag Blog

UIC Campus Events: T-Shirts and Flags!

Images from last week's Extreme T-Shirt Makeover: Gallery Edition are now up on flickr! Students got the chance to spruce up their old t-shirts with screen-printed designs by UIC alum Aay Preston-Myint, while learning about the screen printing...

400 5 Archive

Pentaphilic Curators Offer You a Porcelain Venue

Nested within our current exhibition Archival Impluse lies a unique brand of archive, which also provides an opportunity for creativity on paper. The Alliance of Pentaphilic Curators (aka Jason Dunda and Teena McClelland) have installed 5x5 Porcelain Venues—25 toilet paper holders (21 in the gallery space and 4 in our public restrooms) that serve as a space for participation and display. Toilet paper rolls are free and available for your drawings or other creative forms of bath tissue expression.

And We're Live

And We're Live!

Here it is, Gallery 400’s new website. Completely redesigned by Chicago-based Neoteric Design, the site has a new structure, navigation, and look, as well as numerous small features that aid intuitive exploration and get you the information you need. More than redesigned, the site has been reimagined.

Irving Petlin

Ever since Gallery 400, with the support of the IMLS Foundation, began our ongoing effort to reorganize and digitize our archive, I have been sorting, reading, scanning, organizing, and inventorying my way through box upon box of press releases,...