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Halflifers Blog Two 150x150

The McCoys cast HALFLIFERS as zombie piñata heads

This video blog is the second in a two-part series serving as an extension of Gallery 400’s current exhibition I THINK WE’RE READY TO GO TO THE NEXT SEQUENCE: THE LEGACY OF HALFLIFERS. In this video, we find the computer-generated zombie piñata heads of Torsten Zenas Burns and Anthony Discenza accompanied by characters who appeared in a HALFLIFERS video for the 2002 installation UNIVERSAL RESCUE, which was included in the group exhibition The Omega Manual at Smack Mellon Gallery, Brooklyn. These manifestations of Burns and Discenza recite the second half of THE LAST KNOWN PHOTOGRAPH OF THE HALFLIFERS, a book that catalogs key materials, sources, influences, and other touchstones of the collaborative. The book, as well as this video blog, exists as an alternative self-portrait of HALFLIFERS.

Jennifer and Kevin McCoy created the piñata heads in homage to HALFLIFERS for Gallery 400’s current exhibition. The McCoys are multimedia artists whose work examines the genres and conventions of filmmaking, memory, and language. In order to focus on these structures, they often re-examine classic works of science fiction or television, creating sculptural objects, video projections, or live events from their findings. The McCoys have immortalized HALFLIFERS as zombie character piñata heads from the HALFLIFERS’ 2004 video AFTERLIFERS: WALKING & TALKING (EXTEN-DEAD).