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America in Transition

When County Clerk Kim Davis got out of jail for refusing to honor the rights of gays and lesbians who wanted to marry, she was met by hundreds of cheering fans. Could you imagine being a trans kid in Kentucky watching the event? The fact that so many people heralded her heroism shows just how divided our country is.
G400 Library

Highlights from the Library

Gallery 400s library contains a comprehensive collection of publications from art fairs and biennials, solo and group exhibition catalogues, artist publications, art history monographs, audiovisual media, periodicals, and newsletters. The...


Expanded Moments in a Changing City

I was born in Mexico and my family moved to a suburb about an hour away from Chicago when I was young. And so, while Im not a resident of Chicago, I am very aware of the many changes the city is facing.

I visited Pilsen for the first time several...


Soheila Azadi in "Gush"

The University of Illinois at Chicagos 2015 Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibitions are underway, and I was granted the opportunity to learn more about one of the ten newly minted masters featured: Soheila Azadi. An interviews catalyst is to delve...


An Interview with Chris Reeves and Aaron Walker

Chris Reeves and Aaron Walker's Art & Exhibition Hall Lobby Installation, Thing-stead, is on view through the end of April at 400 S. Peoria St. In this interview, they talk about the concepts and inspiration behind their ongoing artist...